Art In Your Home Office

Like it or not, the majority of us are house bound for the foreseeable future. I’m carrying on as usual with my work. It’s not too much of a change as I spend a couple of days per week working at home anyway. 

I’ve seen some great articles about setting yourself up to work from home – a good desk space, natural light, supportive chair – all very practical and important. I have a diffuser for essential oils (Aesop Catherine Blend is my favourite) and a couple of lights at different angles to create a good ambience. 

And of course I have some much loved art… I’m hugely impacted by my visual surroundings and art in my workspace is somehow even more personal than the art in my bedroom. Right above my desk I have this painting by Swiss artist Klodin Erb. 

It’s a painting of actress Scarlett Johansson, playing the role of Griet, depicting the girl from Vermeer’s famous portrait ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’. I love the multiple layers in this work. It’s not at all what it first seems. Klodin Erb plays with historical elements, reinterpreting them in a contemporary context. 

In writing this post, I’ve spent some time thinking about WHY I chose this work to sit next to me, in a space where I am at my most creative. I’ll spend hours sitting at my desk, researching, writing, creating. Why does this piece work so well, why does it feels right?

I’ve realised it makes me more productive. I guess it stretches my thinking. Its more than it seems. It encourages me to push my ideas further, not accept the first thought that comes along. To step to one side and look at things differently. To reflect. It symbolises a way of thinking and looking. 

There are absolutely NO rules when it comes to choosing art for your office, other than choose something you love and resonates with you. If you’d like some help finding the right piece for your home office then get in touch, I’d be happy to help.

One Comment

  1. Eileen Quale

    what good advice! So important to have a space which is pleasant. Being an engineer, I have 3 PC’s and 4 screens… but still, attention to lighting, flowers, diffuser from Rituals and photographic art from Carlos Mario del Rio-Chamorro – nature pictures, sea and mountains. Feel blessed to actually have an office, not the ktichen/living room as so many have to use these days.


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