An Introduction

Hello! And welcome to my blog.

Art, fashion, travel and writing have always been areas that inspire me, so after finding myself stuck at home with a broken ankle in August 2016, this blog was started. With a background in the artworld I have been lucky to meet some incredible artists and creators who have opened my mind in so many ways. This blog shares my thoughts and discoveries, mainly focusing on fashion and art, with other things I like thrown in for good measure.

Quality and individuality are important to me. I would rather make one good statement investment than 10 short term buys. Whether I am buying art, jewellery or fashion, it has to stand out in some way. That might be conceptually or through the materials used. I am nearly always on the trail of some holy grail or another… whether its the perfect ankle skimming dress or an affordable abstract print.

On my blog you’ll find posts about collecting art, exhibitions, travel, fashion and jewellery items I love (with a particular focus on design and production processes), plus my 4×4 interview series, a feature which asks 4 women 4 questions about their favourite art.

Please do get in touch to say Hello, I’m on social media – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I’d love to hear from you.

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