An Introduction

Art, travel and writing have always been areas that inspire me, so after finding myself stuck at home with a broken ankle in August 2016, this blog was started.

With a background in the art world I have been lucky to meet some incredible artists and creators who have opened my mind in so many ways. For the first time art buyer, Art can seem inaccessible and difficult to navigate; this blog is designed to break that down and introduce the myriad ways there are to discover and buy art. You’ll find posts about buying and looking at art, alongside artist interviews and exhibition visits.

I came up with the idea for 4×4 Art Interviews as a way to explore how different women feel about their favourite art. In each Episode I ask 4 women, 4 questions about their favourite art and which piece they would choose to live with if money were no object.

Please do get in touch to say hello or leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.