Posters vs Prints

In the Episode 1 4×4 interviews, editorial director and brand consultant, Katherine Ormerod talked about her Alexander Calder poster that she purchased from Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA. The poster celebrates an exhibition that Calder had there in 1965 (and is still available to buy from the online shop for $15).

Calder LACMA poster

Calder was a master of shape and colour, experimenting with works on canvas, sculpture and even jewellery throughout his 50-odd year career. He was the originator of the mobile (fellow artist Duchamp christened it) and returned time and again to his preferred stable of shapes including pyramids, circles, fish, suns, and moons, using simple forms and colours.

An original Calder mobile can reach tens of millions at auction, whilst an untitled work on paper can go for 6 figures.  However the good news is that Calder’s work is quite widely available from art publishers and museums, so you can get a great looking work on your wall on a limited budget.

One important thing to note here though is that there is a difference between an art poster and a print. A poster can be produced an infinite number of times and the quality can be questionable, whereas a print will be on a higher quality paper, using a more sustainable and involved ink process, plus prints tend to be limited in numbers (hence the term limited edition). This is always reflected in the price – the selection I found below range from €40-6,000.


I purchased this large Calder print from Galerie Maeght in Paris a few years ago. It was only €40, but with a beautiful angled walnut frame, it looks incredible (excuse the poor photo!).

If you are looking to buy a Calder print for investment, then speak to an art professional (I can recommend a selection) or the modern print specialists at an auction house. They’ll be able to advise on budget and availability.

A small selection of what I’ve found on the lower end of the market currently:

Parisian gallery Maeght has a fantastic selection of both art and posters…

Petit Spirale €6,000 Galerie Maeght

Petite Spirale, Original lithograph, Edition of 75, €6,000 at Galerie Maeght, Paris


Sochaux, Original Poster, €40 at Galerie Maeght, Paris. I have a similar print and its fantastic quality.


Spirals and Petals, 1969, unframed silk screen print £70 from King & McCaw an art publishing company.


Somnambule mobile – this design (which is not by Calder) was created by young Parisian brand Volta, who were ‘inspired by abstract art and the aesthetic trends of the twentieth century’ £179 

taschen book

Coffee Table Book – hardback is hard to find, but buy the paperback version here


And finally, I can’t mention Calder without showing some of his highly sought after statement jewellery. We saw a performance with models wearing it last year and its incredibly beautiful and striking. Theres a good interview about it with Louisa Guinness Gallery here. And for Calder inspired earrings check out my previous post on Celine’s SS17 jewellery here.

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