Introducing 4×4 Interviews

Not everyone has art on their walls, but for me, art makes my home. It completes it. It provides inspiration, calm, wonder, along with tactile and aesthetic elements such as texture and colour. Art can be decorative or intellectual. In my home it’s both. I am in awe of Francis Bacon’s Crucifixion paintings, but honestly – given the choice, I couldn’t live with them on a daily basis. The art I choose to surround me is contemporary, challenging, visceral and pleasing. If it were watercolours of fields, it would be making a very different statement about me, my style and interests.

I love visiting other people’s homes and finding out what they have on their walls, particularly if there is a story behind it. So I’m delighted to launch a new feature called 4×4, where I ask 4 women, 4 questions about their favourite piece of art. And kicking it off we have four rather fabulous ladies from the fashion world – Katherine Ormerod of workworkwork, Navaz Batliwalla of DisneyRollerGirl, Julia Rebaudo of Stylonylon and Emma Hart of Push PR. Enjoy!

Read 4×4 Episode 1


(Main image – painting by Howard Dyke)

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