Storytelling Jewellery

I like things with meaning. Art, clothes, jewellery, stuff for the home – its fine to buy things just because they look nice, but if there is meaning and a story there too, well, I’m in heaven. So when I discovered the jewellery designer Jessica de Lotz, I was over the moon.

Jessica is very unusual. She studied jewellery design at Central St Martins, but to me she seems more of an artist than a designer. Like a magpie, she accumulates objects from her travels, taking inspiration from their aesthetic and poetic stories of days gone by. Muses include a woman named Gladys, whose 21st birthday memorabilia Jessica came across in an old fleamarket suitcase. And Celeste, a clown girl in a 1940s sepia photograph. Or the found love letters exchanging vows across the sea. I love this nostalgic romance and how Jessica brings these stories to life with her beautifully designed jewellery.

Image: James Champion

I visited Jessica in her shop come studio in London’s Kentish Town. It’s like Miss Havisham’s lair, but occupied by an effervescent, sparkly Jessica and her stuffed squirrel in a crown. I loved it immediately and wanted to spend time touching everything like a child in a sweet shop. Jessica has an absolute passion for her work and her customers’ stories; much of her work is to commission – engagement rings, celebratory pieces, personalized gifts – ‘modern heirlooms’ as a recent article in The Times describes them. I love the personalised wax seals which can then be created as pendants, earrings, cufflinks, rings etc.

“Jessica de Lotz’s jewels are the dream collision of  sexy, chic and cool” Polly Vernon

I’m a very In the Now person. I see something and I want it immediately. I’ll wear newly bought shoes straight out the shop for example. But Jessica is the jewellery version of the Slow Food movement. She makes to order. Her work is considered, precise, personal. Me being me, I bought something in the shop to wear straight away anyway. This gorgeous peacock feather key Ring, made from twisted gold and silver with a tiny garnet. Its intricate and extremely beautiful, designed to represent Gladys’ coming of age and the key to adulthood.

I have a wishlist of what I’d like my husband to buy me for Christmas. This includes tiny, engraved earrings, an initialed pendant necklace and my Zodiac ring (which I am helpfully showing a picture of to help him).

The studio is separated from the shop by a peephole that allows you to glimpse through to the craftswoman at work.

Inside you’ll find a complete treasure trove of finds, tools and preciousness.

Image: James Champion

Jessica’s lovely attention to details transcends to the packaging and her business cards. I absolutely love her aesthetic and approach. Definitely one to add to the christmas lists, she’s taking orders now!

Jessica’s jewellery is stocked in a variety of shops (including Fortnum & Mason), but for the ultimate experience I highly recommend a visit to the shop to order something personalised and bespoke.

Click here for Jessica’s website


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