Style in a Box

I met a wonderful lady recently, Adela Hussain, who is the founder of a fashion business called Style Lyrical. Its a brilliant concept – an online stylist service for busy women – offering clothes from mainly Danish fashion brands that I must admit I’d never heard of. We met up for coffee a few weeks back so I could find out more.

Adela has a background as a management consultant, specialising in business mergers and transformation. She’s a young, dynamic woman with great style and an immense amount of enthusiasm. The idea for her business, Style Lyrical was born when she found herself making mad 5 minute dashes around fashion shops at Heathrow airport as she rushed to get business flights every week.

Fast forward and today Adela has a thriving online business, styling not just for working women, but for anyone who is struggling with time and identifying their personal style, offering a brilliant range of sustainable fashion from niche British, Danish and Dutch brands.

Adela Hussain

Whilst I was impressed with Adela’s business concept and execution, I wasn’t sure that the idea of a Style box was for me. I love shopping for clothes and discovering brands and styles for myself, plus I consider myself very fussy. But I was intrigued to see what the outcome of a box would be. How would the stylist see me and what would they select as a good look for my lifestyle…. Adela assured me that her questionnaire and process would work and my fashion curiosity got the better of me so we set a date for a telephone interview.

Before the interview I completed the simple questionnaire, making a note of my vital statistics and indicating which styles I liked from a range of different ‘looks’.

During the telephone call we discussed favourite items in my wardrobe, what I tend to wear the most and any items I’d like to get more wear from. It was a difficult process to begin with as I’ve never really thought in depth about my wardrobe before. I just buy things I like and then have fun putting them together. But when I took the time to really think about it, I realised that I tend to opt for quite elegant looks, but with a bit of an edge. I’m fairly ladylike in my choices, but I’ll offset that with big chunky boots, adding a colour clash with an Indian silk scarf or a vintage coat. I like to mix high street with designer and I have certain jeans and blouses that I’ve literally worn for years as I love them so much.

I REALLY enjoyed this process. I realise now why certain items I’ve bought haven’t had as much wear; there’s actually an essence to my style and some things don’t really fit in, even though I love them.

A few days later and a smart looking box arrived on my doorstep. It was rather exciting and took me back to childhood sentiments of Christmas mornings. What was in there? What had they picked for me? Would I love it… or would it be completely wrong for me….?

The Style Box arrives!

I needn’t have worried…. everything in the box worked. Style Lyrical had selected a really good range of items that formed a brilliant base for me to add my own touches. Three pairs of slim legged trousers (their best seller, and at just £60 I’m not surprised – they’re amazing quality), two dresses, three tops, a jumper, a blouse and a coatigan. There was also a selection of printed style cards, demonstrating different looks, including some of the wardrobe favourites I’d mentioned on the phone; a clever touch!

I knew none of the brands, but I was impressed with the fabrics, the cuts and the colour palette. I had a brilliant afternoon pulling out items from my wardrobe and mixing and matching to create different outfits. I found myself grabbing shoes I haven’t worn in over a year, clutch bags I’ve never used and trying them out with my favourite boots and a new blouse. Layering jumpers over the blouse, adding a skirt, switching for trousers, changing the look with some heels. My jeans didn’t factor in to any of the looks which is pretty amazing as they’re the items I tend to wear the most.

The super slimming trousers with a frilled grey blouse – both from Style Lyrical
The grey blouse from Style Lyrical, worn with my much loved silver skirt and pink jumper
Beautiful soft wool coatigan
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Satin dress by Stine Goya, sandals by Sam Edelman
Green Dress
Long Satin Green Dress with leather look leggings

Style Lyrical gives you a week to try on the clothes and work out what to keep and what items to return. Its super simple and they’ll charge you for the items you decide to keep. This concept is brilliant. Not only do you end up with a range of versatile, good quality items, but they’re handpicked for you by a stylist, they fit perfectly as the stylist knows your measurements (every single item fitted me), plus the style cards set out the various combinations of how to wear them. Genius. The highlight for me was definitely the super slimming trousers. I took them to away on a two night trip Babington House and wore them non stop. They’re brilliant. I loved every single item in the box and enjoyed every moment of the process.

Style Lyrical’s styling service costs £19.99 which includes three outfits, postage and returns. Clothes range from £60-450.



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