Stylish Screens

One of our favourite things to do as a family is visit the cinema. We have a large multiplex in a retail park near us but will always opt to drive an extra twenty minutes to the boutique 5 screen Everyman in Barnet for more of an experience. Located in a listed art deco cinema that first opened in 1935, a visit to Everyman Barnet feels like a mix between a nostalgic golden age picturehouse and a hipster venue.

It ticks all the boxes – sit and watch a film in a leather armchair or cosy up on sofas (with cushions and blankets), whilst enjoying a nice glass of rose and some delicious food (bought to the table for you). The food and drink menu is quirky and they completely understand the concept of the cinema being more than just an in-out experience.

We’ll always arrive early to have drinks beforehand and stay on for food in the Spielburger diner. It feels more of an event and a trip out than just popping to the cinema to watch a film and home again. The retro interiors invoke the feeling of a timewarp cinematic experience and I wish it had been around when I was a teenager as a place to go on dates.

Everyman sofaEveryman lobby lightsEveryman bar and ticketsEveryman upstairs bar

Everyman Sundae MenuPrice wise it’s not that much of a jump from the big multinational chains – an adult ticket to Spiderman was £13.70 at Everyman, for the same time performance it is £12.10 at Cineworld (although it looks like Everyman ticket prices do vary by venue).

We took Coco to see Spiderman which we all loved. I enjoyed a cold glass of rose wine, Matt had a beer, whilst Coco munched her way through a giant size popcorn.

Everyman PopcornAfterwards we enjoyed burgers and milkshakes in the retro Spielburger diner (two of the Everyman cinemas – Hampstead and Barnet – have Spielburger diners attached to them so it’s easy to wander through for a post film dinner and chat about the film).

Drinks Everyman BarnetEntrance to diner Everyman Barnet

Diner Everyman BarnetHalloumi Burger Everyman BarnetInterior Everyman Barnet

Kate Everyman BarnetPainted Wall Everyman BarnetMatt and Coco Everyman BarnetKids placemat Everyman Barnet

The Everyman cinemas are everywhere now – since 2000 the firm has expanded rapidly with 14 screens in the London area and 7 in other UK cities, and they have further expansion plans for the future. I love the cinematic renaissance. I remember concerns some years back that in home cinematic technology would soon mean the end of big screen cinemas, thank goodness that hasn’t happened. If you haven’t visited an Everyman or independent cinema before, then I highly recommend it. Its one of my favourite date nights with Mr Jones….!


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