Rebel Girls

‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ is an illustrated book featuring 100 real tales of extraordinary women.

It’s such an incredibly powerful way of educating, empowering and inspiring our children, its a must read for both girls and boys. I bought it for my 9 year old daughter Coco (who tends to favour books about ponies and high school dramas) so I was delighted when she squirreled it away in her room and a few days later started to tell me about some of the women featured.

The tales are in alphabetical order, but she just flicked through a few of the stories and settled on the ones that caught her eye. Those included: Coco Chanel (of course, thats my girl!), Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, but also some I hadn’t come across before, like Ashley Fiolek, a motorcross racer who won four national titles despite her deafness, or Coy Matthis, a transgender girl who fought to be able to use the girls toilets in her school.

Yoko Ono Rebel GirlsMary Anning Rebel GirlsHypatia Rebel GirlsCoco Chanel Rebel Girls

The book is beautifully illustrated throughout and makes a brilliant modern day story book that opens our childrens’ minds to the potential and opportunity that life offers. I’ve enjoyed reading it too, so its not just for children! Buy it from Amazon (great idea for a birthday gift)


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