Emerald green trees, deep blue turquoise waters, sunlight bouncing on the ocean’s surface, the clink of ice cold rose wine, sunkissed skin, bare toes….. *sigh*…… there’s something about the Mediterranean that just can’t be beaten.


As I was perusing the various jewellery stands at London Fashion Week one cold winter’s day, I was drawn to the colours of a jewellery display that reminded me of, well, holidays. I got chatting to Eda, the designer and founder and she talked me through her collection, explaining her inspirations and visions. M A V I A D A means ‘blue island’ in Turkish, Eda’s native language. She uses stones that capture the essence of the Mediterranean perfectly:

My inspiration comes from many sources, but mainly, my summer holidays on the Aegean coast in Turkey. The blue green turquoise sea waters of the Mediterranean were, and continue to be, a calming influence on me and help me balance my life accordingly.  Eda ElbirlikP6

The colours of the different jewels were so mesmerising, I left LFW and couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I met up with Eda to chat further about her background, design process and most importantly, the stones. The process starts with an artistic sketch.

FullSizeRender (2)

I love these sketches, they’re little works of art in their own right (it makes sense that Eda is an art history major)!


It took Eda over a year to find the right workshops to make the jewellery for her. She’s a perfectionist (a lady after my own heart) and quality is just as important to her as the designs themselves. She works closely with an atelier in Turkey, who she visits every few months. The gemstones are AAA (the top 10% of gems) and carefully sourced from sustainable suppliers in Hong Kong and directly from India.


Maviada-Jewellery-Workshop-1920x959 (1)

Eda has an incredible eye for colour and when she offered to send me some earrings, I asked her to select the stones she thought would suit me best. The Bodrum earrings she chose are set with Champagne Quartz cabochons (which is an oval dome shape). They’re like liquid sunshine.


IMG_1083Champagne Quartz reminds Eda of the Turkish sun, with its gold and amber hues. Eda is a bit of a genius when it comes to colour selection; I’d expected her to send me green or blue stones, but the Champagne works far better with my skin tone and eye colour and I have received lots of compliments.

Champagne Quartz signifies the Mediterranean bright sun to me, pink Tourmaline is pink like the bougainvillea flower, the different hues of blues we have signify the serene blue sea and the green peridot reminds me of the silvery green hued olive trees… Eda Elbarilik

The earrings are now the chicest jewellery I have, but instead of saving them for special occasions, I’ve been wearing them everyday (hence the variety of photos!). They have that lovely balance of being so wearable but can also be dressed up for a special occasion.


Mav 1Mav 2Mav 3Mav 4

Mav 7Mav 6Mav 5

I can’t write this blog post without mentioning the packaging too… its so gorgeous!


As well as a variety of beautiful earrings, M A V I A D A offer necklaces, pendants and earrings, in both 18 carat Vermeil and 18 carat gold, starting from £165. My earrings are Vermeil and are available in 18 carat Rose Gold, 18 carat Yellow Gold or Rhodium plated Silver, with a choice of different stones. They retail at £550 and there is an incredible 20% discount until 31st May.

This jewellery makes the perfect gift – if you have a birthday or occasion coming up, its a great investment. I bought my Gucci loafers earlier this year for the same price and I’ve already had more wear out of the earrings in one week….

Code: OFFER20

Follow M A V I A D A on Instagram for a dose of beautiful jewellery and holiday colours @maviada.jewellery

Mav Earrings

Mav pendants

PS. The latest trend news from Basel jewellery fair is that statement earrings are going to be big next season…

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  1. tinkertailoronline

    These earrings are so special, you have left me wanting a pair! A little out of my budget at the moment but we are celebrating our anniversary in the summer so you never know… thank you for bringing this lovely brand to our attention.


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