Gray Malin

The LA based photographer Gray Malin came up in a recent interview for March 4×4 when fashion writer and brand consultant Katherine Ormerod mentioned she is planning to add a piece of his work to her Californian inspired bedroom wall.

If you’re not already familiar with Gray’s images (they’re often seen on social media and in the press), the vast majority are taken from a helicopter, giving a birds eye view of beaches and landscapes. The colours are wonderful – with the bleached out colours, candy striped parasols and tanned bodies, they capture the lazy feel of summer days.

My pick is this one of nudes on a Barcelona beach; I love the composition and the colours.


© Gray Malin @graymalin

The images would work well in most room environments, adding a pop of colour and energy. Prints are available in three sizes –  the smallest at 11.5×17″ is is $249. After that the sizes are produced in limited editions of 100 which makes them more collectable – mid size is 24×36″ at $999 and large comes in a huge 36×54″ at $2499 (all prices are without frame). 

It’s very straightforward to order, even if you’re UK based as the prints can be shipped worldwide. Check out the website for more images, plus theres currently a 20% discount code when you sign up for Gray’s newsletter.



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