Out of this World

Fashion is reaching cosmic new heights with pioneering Fashion houses going where no man (or woman) has gone before by launching freshly orbited accessories and even staging the take off of a huge rocket in the Grand Palais during Paris Fashion Week.

Christopher Kane took one great step for fashion when he blasted a handbag and sneakers 24 miles above the earth on a three hour outer space journey from the UK. Kane is known for his fascination with science and nature so it came as no big surprise that his latest collection for AW2017 embraced shiny hologramatic fabrics with a futuristic feel. Some pieces featured spaceship prints from outsider US artist Ionel Talpazan.

My picks from the Space Collection are:

Christopher Kane Sneakers
Pink Safety Buckle Sneakers £345
Christopher Kane Safety Buckle Bag £795
Yellow Safety Buckle Bag £795
C Kane Bag
Yellow Safety Buckle Bag £795

Space Collection available from www.christopherkane.com


Meanwhile news just in of the launch of a giant space ship named Gabrielle Chanel that was staged in today’s Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week. The images are incredible – a sleek monochrome rocket appears to take off as the models stand next to it, trying to ignore the flames and dry ice,whilst Bowie’s Rocketman plays in the background. Images are all over Instagram of models strutting the catwalk in barbarella style silver trousers, glittery space boots (with the eponymous chanel toe and heel), quilted space blankets and giant mirrored sunnies.

Chanel ModelsUntitledGround Control to Major Karl, I can’t wait to see how you’re going to top this at the Spring/Summer 18 Show in September!

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