Here Comes the Sun!

Sunglasses are amongst my favourite things in the world. I love how they can completely transform a look. However I am unlucky with sunglasses as I have some kind of a thieving sunglass pixie living in my house… their life expectancy is short before they mysteriously vanish… it doesn’t stop me from investing in statement glasses though. My last pair were some gorgeous angular Karen Walker glasses that I picked up at Goodhood in Shoreditch. I enjoyed them for a couple of years before they disappeared. I searched the house top to bottom whilst packing for my last holiday but there is no sign of them. The ones before that were Chanel – stolen from my bag whilst I petted a goat at a children’s farm…! (I did manage to claim on household insurance for those ones).

On my recent trip out to Sri Lanka I picked up these gorgeous Prada glasses at LHR. Not cheap its true, but extremely comfortable to wear and I am keeping a very close eye on them to make sure they don’t vanish like their predecessors…


The Kara Walkers…. virtually the same! I do hope they turn up soon.

P8090213 (2)

Theres a fantastic independent shop in St Albans that designs their own glasses and sunnies – Black Eyewear. Inspired by the 1950s Jazz era, each style is dedicated to a musician. The designs are so enticing and beautifully made. Had I spotted these before I left for the airport I would certainly have invested. Located on a tiny cobbled street behind the Cathedral, Black Eyewear is only small, but really know their stuff and have a wide range of glasses – both sunglasses and prescription. If you’re in the area, pop over the road to Canteen for a coffee and lunch.

“I wanted to rescue the bold simple iconic eyewear of the 1950s” R Roope, Black Eyewear Founder

Black’s Paloma glasses £197 – gorgeous Cat Eye shape with a Deco feelblack_eyewear_paloma_bs_black-950x340

Black’s Roy glasses £187 – 1950s shape


I saved about £30 buying my Prada glasses at the airport. I do find investment glasses are a much higher quality – I have a few pairs of high street glasses too but they tend to lose their shape and scratch easily. Strange how they don’t seem to go missing though….! Perhaps I’ll find a whole stash of expensive glasses in Coco’s room one of these days….

Prada sunglasses – available at Matches

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