A Belgravia Experience

Its not often that I spend time alone. I love it when it happens, but what with being a parent, work, various hobbies, researching and writing this blog, plus staying on top of household stuff, theres not much time to spend time with myself and just STOP – and breathe!

I’m a fan of the various slow movements – taking time to savour and enjoy life’s pleasures- so I try whenever I can to slow down and make the most of each moment. My friend Antonia wrote a great post on her blog TinkerTailorOnline about Mindfulness and how to get started, which is well worth a read if you’re finding life moving too fast.

Anyway, back to Belgravia. Through a chance meeting recently, I was invited to a hair appointment with one of London’s most eminent hair stylists, Errol Douglas MBE. What a treat! I immediately arranged child care and hopped on the train to London.

Errol is no ordinary hair stylist. His work has been featured in all the fashion glossies, he’s a regular at the catwalk shows and his client rosta includes a range of impressive A listers. His gorgeous salon is situated just around the corner from Harvey Nichols, on one of the loveliest streets in London, Motcomb Street.


Errol advised warming up my hair colour slightly, picking out a few lighter strands around the face. We then opted for a good couple of inches off and a slightly softer cut around the face.

Whilst the colour was taking effect I made the most of my opportunity to catch up on magazines, a few emails and enjoy a delicious cappucino from the inhouse chef, Hocine. Theres a tempting menu of snacks and food on offer too.


Errol is a bit of a magician, snipping away (helped out by his teenage son Reuben who is currently in training) and chatting about his various experiences as a father and stylist.


Before I knew it, I was looking glossy, groomed and feeling relaxed. Wishing Errol and his friendly team a Happy Christmas, I took a stroll down Motcomb Street to see what was on offer.

Continuing with the theme of me-time and self indulgence I opted for a souffle (and a glass of wine) in the charming little cheese shop.

Seeing as I was in the area, I finished off with a trip to Harvey Nichols, bought a bit of make up and a couple of final christmas gifts, then met up with my husband, daughter and some friends for an evening at the National Theatre.

It really was such a treat to spend the day by myself and take time out. We’re all busy, rushing around trying to fit everything in, along with the worries of life, so its good to stop, focus and enjoy yourself.

I have to say that I felt challenged writing this post as I have been feeling guilty recently for having the life that I have – the heart wrenching images from Aleppo are front of my mind and life just doesn’t seem fair (especially as I plan the feast for Christmas day…). We’ve made a donation to the Red Cross and signed all the petitions we can, but ultimately I feel utterly helpless and can only wish with all my heart that the situation improves and that human kindness prevails.

In times like this I think its important to keep things relative and to recognise how lucky we all are. Its okay to take a little bit of extra time for yourself, be kind to yourself, enjoy life and feel grateful for what we have.

This is my last post of the year so I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2017 X

Errol Douglas
18 Motcomb Street
London SW1X 8LB


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