My Little Treat

Over the years I have signed up to various daily, weekly or monthly box delivery schemes. To begin with they are always exciting and new, but I found the novelty wears off after a few months and then I forget to cancel the subscription and before long it’s a complete and utter waste of money as I throw away countless organic squashes and peppers that I never got round to cooking… or boxes of nuts and yoghurt coated goji berries that go off in my office drawer…

But interestingly that’s not been the case at all with my latest french obsession, My Little Box. I’ve been a subscriber for well over a year and every month I am absolutely DELIGHTED with the selection of gifts that arrive in a beautifully packaged little box. I like to fantasize that I have a very chic and stylish Parisian pen pal who is sending me the creme de la creme of French brands and gifts…. ooh la la!

So this month I thought I’d share it with you…


This month the box is called Mademoiselle. My Little Box informs me that as well as meaning a younger female or a fancier way of saying ‘Miss’, it also means:

A free spirited, mischievious and insouciant young woman. One who’s got that special something you just can’t get enough of. The one with that famous je ne sais quoi. She’s got an attitude. And its not always a good one. She’ll enchant you, then drive you insane.

Yep, thats my pen pal alright. She smoked Galoise cigarettes from the age of 13 and knows all the words to ‘Je t’aime moi non plus’ by Serge G.

Anyway back to the box. Inside this month is a small fabric bag containing beauty and make up gifts. I love these little bags, they come in handy for storing jewellery when I go away for the weekend.

There’s also a little Claudie Pierlot branded box…. containing….

.. a beautiful little navy leather envelope purse. This has made me very happy! It’s slim so will fit neatly inside my shoulder bag. It has a section for coins, cards and the random bits of paper that I collect on my travels. It’s trimmed in red and has a sweet little bow on the front. Tres bien!

And inside the cloth bag….

….a 3 in 1 cleansing water from one of my favourite brands, Ren, and a volumising mascara by sister brand to My Little Box, My Little Beauty. Not forgetting an intriguing Korean inspired Ginseng single use facemask by  Erborian, which promises an immediate smoothing effect.

Also enclosed is the monthly magazine, My Little World, with tips on the latest French beauty and fashion trends.


Tomorrow I’ll be doing the school run in my Breton top, Monsieur Gainsbourg on the stereo, a Galoise behind my ear, long black lashes and beautifully smooth skin- don’t forget to say Bonjour 🙂

A bientot! x 


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