Healthy Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Ok so I’m definitely no Hemsley and Hemsley super food bunny, but this smoothie is absolutely amazing (if you like bananas) (and smoothies) and its a brilliant breakfast alternative, which is handy if like me you’ve indulged a bit over the summer (see this post and this one for evidence…). It has the coldness and consistency of an ice cream shake, so feels more like a treat than a healthy option. If I’m doing exercise in the morning I’ll add a handful of oats along with the protein shake to give me an extra boost.

The smoothie takes approx 2 minutes to make and keeps me feeling full and energised until lunchtime. The only equipment you’ll need is a freezer and a nutribullet*. Oh – also a spoon, a glass and a straw!

  1. Fill the nutribullet with almond milk – I use sugar free almond milk straight out the fridge as it just adds to the ice cold taste.
  2. Add half a frozen banana. I buy a bunch of bananas, peel and chop them, then keep them in freezer bags in the freezer so they’re ready to go. This is the secret to the ice cream consistency – bananas are AMAZING frozen as they take on a creaminess when blended.
  3. Add a spoonful of nut butter. I use almond or peanut organic butter.
  4. Add half a scoop of vanilla protein powder. I started using protein powder when I took up exercising. As a non meat eater I need to make sure my muscles get proper protein, plus the vanilla adds sweetness to the smoothie. You could experiment and try chocolate or strawberry flavours too.
  5. Whizz it up in the nutribullet!
  6. Pour into a glass and add a straw. Voila, you’re set for the morning!

*If you don’t have a nutribullet, get one – they’re fantastic! I use mine for pasta sauces, soups, smoothies… plus this one is on offer for £70 on Amazon, saving £30.


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